Transitions Aren’t Always Easy


My name is Audrey and I’ve recently relocated to Honolulu, Hawaii.  When people hear the name of the state ‘Hawaii’, they immediately think in their heads ‘paradise’.  Which I wouldn’t argue but this is now home.  I was born and raised in Houston, Texas where having AC in both, your home and your car, was a must. As a child, I didn’t wake up to hearing chickens crow in the morning or someone sweeping the porch with a handmade filipino broom.  I woke up in a city where cop sirens and ambulances were routine.  I didn’t grow up having Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas mornings, or birthday parties with my family.  I grew up realizing that if I wasn’t blessed with the gift of having a family that valued quality time, of which I think is very important in the growth of young individuals, then I’d rather spend my time on a journey in search of a secure long term plan where the only person that needs to be in my happy place would be myself. And here I am in Honolulu, Hawaii…


I am about 5 weeks in and though many would think that the transition to Hawaii would be as easy as learning how to add,  I’d say its closer to learning Algebra. Everything is different here.  The culture, the food, the weather, the dress, the language, the laws, etc. I feel so relaxed and so safe, yet so alone.  But only because I haven’t fully transitioned.  And without my transition fully intact,  I feel like my clarity and focus won’t be at it’s full potential.  However,  while I’m still going through my transition, I’m incorporating new things everyday to create my new daily routine.  So far, I’ve gotten blogging on this list in addition to jogging 3 miles 4 days a week.

And this my friends concludes Post #2. (Big smile on my face…)


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